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Education is the foundation to Homeownership

The goal to becoming a homeowner and sustaining your home begins with education.  We do better when we know better. We encourage you to attend a homeownership class for pre and post homeownership knowledge, today! “Closing the homeownership gap one family at a time”

Homeownership Counseling

In need of homeownership counseling? We will help you understand the mortgage process, the “why” behind what mortgage underwriters are requesting, and we will review your loan documentation for clarification. If you need one- on- one counseling there are HUD certified housing counselors that will assist you through the entire process. Get connected today!

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Final Destination

Educated homebuyers and homeowners, that can sustain their homes and foster healthy thriving communities.  Ready to move forward with mortgage financing for a purchase or refinance, we are here to help you.

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